Petosan Puppy Dental Kit

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A little brushing goes a long way. Start taking care of your puppy's teeth now to avoid dental disease in the future with the Petosan Puppy Pack Dental Kit for Puppies and Small Dogs. The kit includes a double-headed petite toothbrush, toothpaste and a oral fingerbrush that is conveniently contained in an adorable puppy-shaped holder. Studies show that routine (daily brushing) of your dog's teeth can add as much as a year to its life. Even if your dog isn't a puppy any more, it's never too late to start.

Includes: a petite toothbrush for puppy/dog up to 6 lbs, 20 gram tube of toothpaste, oral fingerbrush in a convenient storage case.


  • First, inspect your puppy's lips and gums.
  • Start touching your puppy's lips and gums with your finger
  • Let your pet lick a dab of toothpaste off your finger to help along the process
  • Place the finger cloth on your finger and start to gently rub the plaque on your pet's teeth
  • Then, introduce the toothbrush by starting to brush a few teeth
  • If your puppy becomes agitated, stop and try again another time.
  • Remember to be patient and the process will go a lot smoother.

     Tip: Investing in a 2-minute dental regimen daily greatly reduces the risk of dental disease in your pet.

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