Regular dog grooming is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By grooming your dog regularly you can prevent certain illnesses like skin diseases and parasites.

Most dogs cannot cool themselves well enough, so it is necessary to trim their hair and remove the undercoat so their body temperature is sustained and their skin can breathe.

Dogs that are repeatedly groomed have shinier coats because regular brushing and combing improves the blood supply going to the skin.

You show affection to your pet when you have them groomed. You also show other people that you love your animal when you are grooming them often. It is an experience of wonderful proportions for both you and your pet. It is healthy for them, mentally and physically to keep your pet groomed regularly

Bring your pet to Bark because…

We maintain a clean, safe and stress free environment. You will meet our professional groomers at the time of your appointment to talk about what you would like to have done for your dog.

We use the hydrosurge massage bathing system. This amazing system removes loose debris and hair, invigorates the skin and provides a therapeutic massaging action for older dogs with arthritis.

We use a variety of shampoos and conditioners to meet your dog's requirements. 

Bath & Brush

Our premium bathing experience, the B&B includes bath, brush, dry, ears, sanitary area and pad trim.

Prices start at $50

Full Service Groom

Our most popular service, the full groom includes a hydrosurge bath, brush and dry as well as a breed specific or owner specified cut, nails, ears, sanitary area.

Prices start at $70


 Please note:

Bath & Brush and full service groom fees depend on breed, coat condition and behaviour.
Please feel free to call for an estimate or bring your baby by our store for a custom quote.