Petosan Double-Headed Toothbrush

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The Design of the Petosan double-headed toothbrush has proven particularly user-friendly and effective. With its two brush heads, the Petosan toothbrush hugs the teeth, cleaning the front and the back of the teeth at the same time. The Petosan double-headed toothbrush effectively simplifies brushing your pet´s teeth and helps improve oral health. Petosan offers the double-headed toothbrush in four sizes, according to the size of your dog´s mouth; Large dogs of 16 kgs or more, medium-sized dogs between 7 and 15 kg, small dogs from 3-6 kg and toy dogs up to 3 kg.



  • First, inspect your dog's lips and gums.
  • Start touching your puppy's lips and gums with your finger
  • Let your pet lick a dab of toothpaste off your finger to help along the process
  • Place the finger cloth on your finger and start to gently rub the plaque on your pet's teeth
  • Then, introduce the toothbrush by starting to brush a few teeth
  • If your puppy becomes agitated, stop and try again another time.
  • Remember to be patient and the process will go a lot smoother.

     Tip: Investing in a 2-minute dental regimen daily greatly reduces the risk of dental disease in your pet.

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