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Stretch Comfort Leash

Our remarkable new shock-absorbing rope leash is the most comfortable and stress-free way to walk your dog.
Once you ty it, the advantages of this leash will become obvious. Anyone who has held both types of leash, a standard flat nylon leash and our Stretch Comfort leash, will feel the difference immediately.

This new leash just feels better in your hand, as the handle is softer and easier to hold onto and control.

The material also offers several advantages. It is stronger and has the same extendability. The stretch in the material also cushions the jerk when your dog suddenly pulls on the leash.

Reasons for a rope leash

One of the most important factors when taking your dogs out for a walk is the element of surprise.

Suddenly, the dog sees something and his hunting instinct leads him to start running or to go in a direction where he shouldn't go.

In such situations, the owner may wish to shorten the leash, so he can prevent the dog from running off in an undesirable direction.

With a standard nylon leash that has flat, arrow sides, the pressure load on the hand increases dramatically, thus concentrating the pressure of the dog pulling and causing pain to the handler’s hand and making it easier to lose control.
But the curli rope leash distributes the pressure evenly, allowing the handler to comfortably maintain control.


In order to offer optimal flexibility and maximum comfort, curli has developed its own special rope.

A rope that reduces the jolt when holding back a dog, making it more comfortable for him and his owner alike.

Advantages of the Stretch Comfort Leash

The shock absorbing, ultra-soft nylon rope for best comfort and safety for stress free control.

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