It’s all about smart choices.

It has never been more important to take care of our environment and every intelligent choice we make helps.
We reuse, recycle and even make compost in our back yards.
So, why shouldn't your dog's bed, toys and leashes be eco-friendly too?

We are constantly bringing in new products so drop by our store often to check out what’s new!

At Bark, Bath & Beyond Pet Boutique, you will find carefully selected, all natural, high quality and fun products that will delight both pets and owners alike:

We carry a generous selection of earth-friendly, designer beds stuffed with recycled plastic bottles.

We offer leashes, collars and harnesses made from hemp, bamboo and other sustainable materials, as well as clothing and accessories for you and your pet to step out in style.

Our natural and organic toys for cats and dogs will encourage fun interaction with your pet! Whether it is playing fetch with a ball that floats and lights up, tug-of-war with an organic hemp rope, or teasing your cat with an organic catnip toy, you will be sure to have a good time.