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4 Paws Pure Beef Green Tripe

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Raw green tripe is one of the best things you can feed your dog. No matter what you feed, whether it is a raw diet, homemade diet or commercial kibble; green tripe is an extremely nutritious addition.

Raw green tripe is the stomach organ of ruminant animals such as cattle, elk, bison, lamb and venison, and full of living digestive enzymes and the healthiest probiotic a dog can eat. It is filled with incredible benefits including an improvement to skin and coat, a reduction in allergy symptoms, cleaner teeth, improved digestion and absorption of nutrients. Tripe offers so many benefits that regardless of the smell, green tripe should be included in every dog’s daily feeding routine. Tripe can also be used as a food topper for finicky dogs and would be an excellent addition to a lactating or sick dog's diet.

Our green beef tripe is dried with low heat to ensure that the benefits and nutrients are maintained. Cut into large chucks, it is a wonderful alternative to commercially processed chews.

Ingredient: 100% pure, non-medicated green beef tripe (BC)

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