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Should dogs be allowed on buses?

October 31st, 2014

BC Transit is currently running a survey about whether or not dogs should be allowed on buses. Click here to take the survey.

This is a very controversial issue and we can see both sides of the story. At Bark, Bath & Beyond we, obviously, love dogs, but we also know very well that not all dogs do well in situations where they get stressed or overly stimulated. While we would love to see dogs allowed on public transportations we think that very strict guidelines should be imposed. After doing some research, we liked what they do in Massachusetts where small dogs may be transported in a carrier and larger dogs may be taken during off-peak hours and must be on short leashes (NO FLEXI LEASHES!) and controlled at all times. At no time should a pet compromise safety, get in a passenger's way or occupy a seat. Another option could be to have "Dog Friendly" buses at certain times and on certain routes, so that people who don't want to travel with dogs can avoid those buses.

In an ideal world all dogs and all humans would get along, but that is not reality. It is reassuring that we are trying to work together to find a solution that meets everybody's needs.

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