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Made in Alberta, Canada, Acana focuses on making the foods that dogs and cats are naturally evolved to eat, excluding inappropriate ingredients. Their biologically appropriate nutritional philosophy concentrates on designing foods that nourish dogs and cats according to their evolutionary adaptation to meat and protein-rich diets. All ingredients are sustainably raised and delivered fresh, never frozen or dried, to their award-winning kitchens daily, and are raised, fished or grown locally. This means that the ingredients can be steam-cooked in their own juices instead of having to add water.

Acana offers three lines of foods in order to meet the different needs of today's dogs and cats:

- Acana Classics are made with 55-65% meat plus sun-ripened fruits and vegetables - from Canada's Okanagan orchards. They are rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, free of high glycemic grains and use local steel-cut oats as a low-glycemic, single source of grain.

- Acana Regionals feature four different foods: Ranchlands, Wild Prairie, Grasslands and Pacifica. They are 100% grain free and include 60-65% meat and 35-40% of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

- Acana Singles is the perfect choice for diet-sensitive dogs of all breeds and life stages. They include proteins like Alberta pork, Brome Lake duck and New Zealand lamb and exclude synthetic amino-acids and vitamins.

What we here at Bark, Bath & Beyond Pet Boutique really admire about Acana is that they don't outsource anything. They develop and produce everything they sell, so we can have confidence knowing where the food comes from.

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